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Past SSW Newsletters

2023 Description
October Unleashing GPT-Powered Website ChatBots
September Combine AI Models and Custom Software with Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel
August Solving Business Puzzles with Tech A Look at SSW Melbourne’s Brainstorming Day and Retreat
June NDC Oslo – Introducing the best of ChatGPT and Open AI API to the Vikings
May Unleash the Power of ChatGPT - SSW's Ultimate Cheat Sheet
April Introducing SSW’s Cultural Exchange
March Managing your Azure Costs – How to Avoid Ballooning Budgets
February 5 Key Video Production Editing Terms (aka speak the lingo of a videographer)!
January Adams 2022 - A Year in Review
2022 Description
December GitHub Copilot - A developers friend or foe
November That’s a wrap! NDC Sydney, SSW Retreat and Brainstorming Day 2022
October How AI Can Help You Kickstart Your Blog
September User Journey Mapping - What It Is, How To Do It and Why You Need To?
August A Electrical Nasty Shock - 5 Tips to Avoid them
July NDC Conference Melbourne - We're Back In Person
June Clean Low Code – How to keep your Power Automate Flows lean and clean
May Tech World on TikTok – Is it for you
April 10 Security Tips for CEOs and SysAdmins
March Helping Each Other in the Workplace
February Speaking Up About Fairness
January Adam's 2021 Year in Review
2021 Description
December 5 Tips for GitHub Issues and Projects
November Avoiding Storms with BDD and Automated Testing
October Avoiding a Jurassic problem – 7 tips for handling errors, before they bite
September Going handsfree in Office 365 – You should be using Dictate
August The Power of Multi-select – Multiple Options on Data Entry Forms
July Video killed the Bibliophile - Video vs Books
June Keeping Secrets - How to make your code more secure
May 8 Important Updates to The Scrum Guide
April Powering a Business with Low-Code
March SSW-Newcastle-now-open-We-are-coding-by-the-sea
February Technical-Debt-Can-you-pay-it-back
January Reflecting on 2020 – Embracing Change
2020 Description
December GitBook – You Can Document Everything!
November NDC 2020 - Breaking the Virtual Barrier
October 8 Tips to Better Architecture Diagrams
September Google Search - Australia no longer feeling lucky
August Pull Request Approved - Using GitHub as a CMS
July I am on cloud 9 - SSW has migrated to Dynamics 365 Sales Cloud Version 9
June Connecting Through Video-How To Engage Customers
May Working from home - romance or drama
April Coronavirus - See what we are doing at SSW
March Technology in a Pandemic - Helping Control Coronavirus
February Introducing SSW.People!
January Adam's 2019 in Review
2019 Description
December 8 Tips to Strengthen Your DevOps (Project KNOWnoise)
November SSW had fun at NDC – gotta catch ’em all!
September I like big bots and I cannot lie, 5 ways bots can change your life
July BREAST-Improving Radiologists’ Ability to Detect Breast Cancer
June Risky attempt to move a big motorbike up some stairs… It seemed like a good idea
April China - Coming to a Town Near You
March Azure DevOps wishlist auto-tagging Project Languages and Technologies
February 5 lessons in leadership from reluctant leader David Neal
January Adams 2018 in review
2018 Description
December Luckin Coffee vs Starbucks - A Luckin Success in China
November Weve updated our Rules to Better Angular
October NDC Sydney 2018 was awesome
September How to be a great software consultant
August Skin cancer - ouch
July Mini Security Devolution with Troy Hunt
July New employees - saying hello, saying goodbye
June The 9 knights of Azure.html
May We moved our SharePoint Intranet to the Cloud
April A farewell to Brian Harry
March Learn the 4 Steps to get Users in China.html
February Hey Melbourne and Brisbane youre invited to a party.html
January Adams 2017 in review
2017 Description
December Introducing the SSW Chapel Melbourne - and a new user group
November From UX to CX – Improving the Customer Experience
October The history of dotNET
September NDC Sydney 2017
August Why were excited about .NET Core
July Putting the Team into Microsoft Teams
June HoloLens - Let's build a whole new world together
May Farewell Dynamics CRM 2016, Hello Dynamics 365
April We moved our TFS to the cloud
March 26 videos in 4 days
February Its going to be a good 2017 with Visual Studio 2017
January Adams 2016 in review
2016 Description
December How to learn Angular 2 fast
November The SSW Getaway
October Power BI - No more guessing
September SSW Chapel - Doing a renovation in 6 days
August Hanselman Unplugged 2
July How to blow 10 million dollars
June I learnt how to train developers as quickly as possible
May SharePoint 2016 - The futures so bright I gotta wear shades
April Angular 2.0 Should Be Your Next New Project
March Finishing a Feature
February High Fashion and Javascript Frameworks
January Adams 2015 in review
2015 Description
December The Microsoft Band 2 user experience
November Teaching Kids to Code in Sydney
October Mini The Angular Superpowers Tour
October The VS 2015 ebook - behind the scenes
September Mini Mooncake festival and how you can Chinafy to enter the Chinese market
September FireBootCamp won the MAPA award for learning
August Tips for Tesla
July 5 things to love about Dynamics CRM 2015
June SSW is proud of another project
May Winning on Visual Studio Online in Australia
April SSW Data Onion.htm
March Whats new in VS 2015 and ALM 2015?
February The Agile Olympics
January Getting 96 percent Code Reuse with Xamarin Forms
2014 Description
December Adams 2014 in review
November Why SSW is moving to AngularJS
October Mini SSW Course AngularJS ASPNET MVC
October Creating an ouroboros
September Come and see what the FireBootCamp graduates have built
August Building a croquembouche in just 4 weeks
July Sign up to a free xamarin hack day in your local area
June Introducing the new SSW logo
May And the winner is
April FireBootCamp Sydney ended successfully
March Your last chance to get a ticket to the FireBootCamp gala day
February FireBootCamp is up and running
January FireBootCamp is one week away from ignition
2013 Description
December Adam's 2013 as a Microsoft Regional Director
November Fire Boot Camp
October SSW TV has a new face
September How do we make good Product Owners
August TFS is huge in China
July A Glimpse into your ASP
June New Features in Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013
May Effective Product Owners Use the Business Value Field
April Single Page Applications
March Lync 2013
February Mini UTS Courses
February 2012 Retrospective of SSW
January Celebrate 20 years with us
2012 Description
December Adam's year as a Microsoft Regional Director
November Microsoft is onto something here
October Learn to make software development less risky
September Video - Successful Scrum in Action - A website upgrade for the National Australia Day Council
August Cars and user experiences
July Adam's European Adventure for TechEd 2012 in Amsterdam
June Kate Gregory is coming to Australia
May Mini Tech
May MVC Training for Enterprising Developers PLUS a New Telerik NerdDinner
April Moving your Apps to Azure with Andrew Coates.htm
April Moving your Apps to Azure with Andrew Coates
March SSW and SolidQ bringing SQL Training to Australia
February Architecture Clinic with JuvalLöwy
February Architecture Clinic with JuvalL�wy
January What's happening at SSW in 2012?
2011 Description
December New 3 Day Scrum Course Launches in 2012
November Learn Cutting Edge Technology with Industry Experts – SSW TV Launches
November SSW Special Offer - save over $2000 per ticket for PSD training course!
October DDD is coming to Brisbane
September Top 8 ways to speed up your SQL Server database
August SSW goes virtual
July Highlights from the Architects Masterclass
June Scrumming it in New Delhi, India
May Mini Brisbane
May Mini Sydney
May The Architect's Master Class Nearly Here
April Mini Brian Randell Microsoft Virtualization for Developers
April The Architect's Master Class
March Mini New Zealand Visual Studio ALM Conference
March Telerik Australia event - Focus on Developer Productivity
February Mini SSW Scrum Training in USA
February SharePoint 101
January Do you realize that when it comes to interface design less is more?
2010 Description
December Mini SSW Scrum Training in USA
December Do you add the image and the text of the error message for SEO?
November SSW Silverlight application goes live for DispatchKing
October Are your settings and the customizable settings in different files?
September Mini Visual Studio 2010 Training
September Do you know the best way to take SharePoint data offline?
August Do you know how to create nice URLs using ASP.NET 4?
July ChinaPSDEDM
July Do you know that developers should do all their custom work in their own SharePoint development environment?
June Mini SSW Scrum and Brain Quest in Milan
June Professional Scrum Developer Training
May Steve Forte Day
April Mini SSW Brain Quest Canberra- Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010
April Where appropriate do you use text rather than images
March Mini SSW Brain Quest Adelaide- Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010
March Mini SSW Brain Quest Melbourne- Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010
March Mini SSW Brain Quest Sydney- Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010
March 11 Great Events Coming-VersionResend-DoNotAddtoXMLList.htm
March 11 Great Events Coming
March Make a separate database for your Data Warehouse
February Mini SSW Brain Quest Perth- Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010
February Mini UTS Short Courses
February Do you know the benefits of using source control?
January Mini SSW Brain Quest Brisbane- Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010
January Mini SSW Brain Quest Sydney- Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010
January Do you format and comment your regular expressions?
2009 Description
December Mini SSW Brain Quest Adelaide- Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010
December Mini SSW Brain Quest Melbourne- Team Foundation Server and SharePoint 2010
December Do you know the three important sites for when you're stuck?
November Mini Sharepoint Workshop and TFS 2010
November Does backward compatibility kill good code
October Do you use the MVVM pattern instead of spaghetti design in your silverlight and WPF projects?
September NZ North Shore .NET User Group by Adam Cogan
September Do you know why you choose Windows Forms?
August Do you use more meaningful names than Hungarian short form?
July Do you keep chunks of work small?
June Do you comment each property and method?
May Does your SharePoint site have favicon
April Is your version number meaningful
March Tech Breakfast Dynamic Data - Data entry made easy
February Tech Breakfast Dynamic Data - Data entry made easy
January Do you use CRM Plug-ins for data synchronization?
2008 Description
December NZ SQL PASS Community Connect Event
December Do you know the best way to demo Microsoft CRM 4 to clients?
December Special visit from Jonas the Silverlight guru!
November Do you keep chunks of work small?
October NZ Dunedin User Group
October NZ University of Otago Presentation
October Do you use setup and set up correctly?
September Do you assume catastrophic failure before touching a server?
August Do you run web tests on your website (for load and automated testing)?
July Why is it great to work in SSW today
June Do you make sure that the database structure is automatically handled via 3 buttons?
May Do you turn on undo disks for testing purposes?
May Macquarie University Presentation
April Do you create a separate virtual directory for Admin access?
April University of New South Wales Presentation
March UNSW University Presentation.htm
March Do you conduct a Specification Review?
February Do you know how Google ranks pages?
January Do you use inherited forms for consistent behaviour?
2007 Description
December Do you know what unit tests to write and how many?
November What sort of primary keys do you use - Natural or Surrogate?
October NZ Do you use appropriate and user-friendly icons?
October Cycling to Wagga Wagga
September Do you use appropriate and user-friendly icons?
August Do you comment and brand your code?
July Do you know that you should never throw an exception using System.Exception?
June Do you implement an error logger?
May Do you know who has authority?
April Do you know the main reasons to upsize from Access to SQL Server 2005?
March Do you provide the reason behind the rules rather than blind criticism?
February Do you avoid only using source control on code?
January Rules to Better Windows Vista Deployment
2006 Description
December Do you use email for tasks only - not communication?
November Mini SQL Server 2005 Advanced Indexing Strategies
November Do you always carry your toolbox?
October Microsoft Reporting Services Training
September Mini Adam Cogan in Canberra
September Do you maintain verbal contact with your client?
August Mini 1 Day Workshop Earning More Per Hour As A Developer
August Do you always fix it - or at least report it?
July Do you send a Test Please email?
June Mini1 NRG
June Mini2 SSW Upcoming Tech Breakfasts and Specials
June Mini3(English) Special Beijing User Group with Adam Cogan
June Mini3 Beijing User Group with Adam Cogan
June Mini4 Chengdu User Group with Adam Cogan
June Do you allow users to check for a new version easily?
May Mini1 Making VSTS integrate into your current systems
May Mini2 Special Tech Breakfast in Brisbane
May Mini3 Special Offer for Tech Breakfast in Brisbane with Adam Cogan presenting Rules to successful projects
May Mini4 Special Offer
May Mini5 Early Bird Special
May Mini6 Complimentary Event
May Do you email clients as soon as you realise you will overrun your original estimate?
April Mini SSW Diagnostics New Release
April Do you avoid using one form for data entry and find navigation?
March Do you conduct market research via the web?
February Mini See Billy Hollis doing his Advanced Data Binding 2.0 Session
February Do you understand the value of consistency?
January How much intelligence in the setup.exe
2005 Description
December Do you create new databases in the default directory?
November 2 Brian Randell in Town for Special User Group
November Mini VSLive! Sydney Don't Miss Out!
November Do you use email for tasks - not communication?
October Do you refactor your code and keep methods short?
October Reporting Services Training, Brisbane
October The Singapore SQL Server User Group
September 3 Migrating to SQL
September 4 Migrating to SQL
September 5 Migrating to SQL Special Offer Lumigent
September 6 Migrating to SQL
September 7 Migrating to SQL
September Do you use enough keywords on the page?
September Migrating to SQL
September Migrating to SQL
August Do you send morning goals?
August SSW Kiwi Update NZ User Groups Tech Ed
July Do you follow the Banana Rule in your web pages?
July Special .Net User Group with Kit George and Vinaya Bhushana Gattam Reddy
June Do you believe content is king?
May Are your settings and the customizable settings, in different files?
April Do you include version numbers in your setup filename?
March Move your OLAP MetaData from Access to SQL Server!
February Do you refer to form controls directly?
January Do you manage your Clients' expectations?
2004 Description
December Do you follow naming convention for your Boolean Property?
November Does backward compatibility kill good code
October MiniUpdate User Group
October AfricaEmail
October User Group 2 Weeks Late
September The implementation of the XML Index in Yukon
August Do you use inherited forms for consistent behaviour?
July Dont criticize when you are in charge
June Do you enforce deadlines, have a project plan and a debrief?
May Important notes for your Data Entry Forms
April New anti-spam legislation in force from April 10th
March Do you know how to best manage your dead time?
February Adam Cogan presenting in all states this week
January Do you always use query strings?
2003 Description
December Do you manage your clients expectations?
November Is your website multibrowser compatible
October Do you use the new security options in Outlook 2003?
September Tom Howe speaking at User Group.htm
August User Group Late 1 Day.htm
July Do you manage your software consultants?
June Are you a good SQL Server DBA?
May Which third party developer tools should I use?
April Do you use instant messenger for business?
March 2 Special Double Events Notice
March Do you avoid reviewing performance without metrics?
February Do you think that when replying to emails it's better late than never?
January Do you know the quickest way to fix small web errors?
2002 Description
December Do you investigate before writing new code?
November Do you CC everyone?
October Do you follow up emails effectively?
September Do you send Morning Goals?
August Do you manage your email?
July Do you use eXtreme Programming wisely?
June Do you manage expectations?
May Do you always carry your Tool Box?
April 2 Special .NET User Group with Ken Getz
April Dealing with Distractions
March Techies that Talk Sense
February Is Everyone on your team a Standards Watchdog
February NZDevdays
February VSNETLaunch
January Is your Spec in Bite-size Pieces
2001 Description
December .NET Object Design
November XML Web Services in Visual Studio .NET
October Make your specification work
September We're looking for feedback on our upcoming projects
August SQL Server tech breakfast double session
July Working in .NET
June .NET in the world now
May Office XP - What's in it for me?
March Using Object-Oriented Features in VS.NET
February Develop Client-Server Applications with Access
January Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and the Web Storage System
2000 Description
December Visual Studio.Net
November What makes a great spec?
October Exchange Server 2000 and what a developer needs to know
September Select Statements in ADO
August SQL Server 2000
July Connection Strings
June Visio 2000
May English Query
April SQL Server 7.0 SP2
February DevCon 2000 and GST and the Developer