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Benefits of Software Auditing

A crisis will pinpoint the shortfalls of your current technologies. Why wait for down-time or poor sales to discover where your application could be improved?
The companies that we have done audits for range from developer utilities to major enterprise systems.

How long does this normally take?

Client time commitment SSW time commitment
8 hours 16 hours
  • Initial meeting
  • Available for contact
  • Final presentation
  • Initial meeting with client
  • Perform the Software Audit
  • Prepare for final presentation
  • Present findings and documentation to client

SSW Software Audit Services can help in:

Ensuring the application can be maintained and extended easily in the future
Discovering problems early; it's much easier and cheaper to fix issues early in the project
Removing unnecessary clutter and updating old components
Improving performance, scalability and reliability
Making sure you use the right technology for the job
Implementing coding standards for easy reading
Ensuring your team remains agile and adaptable to change

Front end Review

SSW implements strict standards on all code produced. Implementing strict coding standards means your code can be easily read, easily modified and easily tested. Our experts are experienced in Angular, React, Vue, Dynamics CRM, and SharePoint.

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Architecture and Backend Web API Review

Architectural decisions have a great impact on the subsequent quality of software implementations. Is your system using the most appropriate technology? Is the system designed for future needs, not only for today's deadlines?

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DevOps and ALM Review

We use Microsoft's Visual Studio application lifecycle management (ALM) tools to provide the backbone for delivering software continuously. SSW can help you leverage the power of these tools to make your developers, testers, and analysts work together efficiently. We also use TFS, Azure DevOps (was VSTS), TeamCity, and Octopus Deploy to fix your deployments and improve your testing lifecycle.

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Specification Review

Instead of keeping the client waiting until the final design is deployed, Scrum allows the client to have a clear image of how well the project is going. This will improve the satisfaction level of the client both during the project and afterwards.
    Requirements Analysis document containing plans and recommendations
    A list of product backlog items (PBIs)
    Ballpark Estimates for the cost of the project and number of sprints to complete.

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Team and Process Review

Is your team as effective and efficient as possible? Without proper team processes, your project will suffer and deadlines will be missed. SSW experts have streamlined processes for hundreds of projects and know what it takes to bring a project back on track.

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User Interface Review

Most users don't read manuals, so your software must be intuitive and consistent. Establishing consistency in your User Interface design is challenging. There are many standards available, but too often developers and application designers unknowingly choose a non-standard approach.

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Google Search Engine Optimization

Your website is your point of presence on the Internet. It's great to have a good website but there is no point to this unless people can find it. The number 1 way to reach new clients is through search engines, in particular Google, which claims to be used by 70% of Internet users.

Database Structure Review

Designing a database incorrectly means a real headache later on. Your database could be the bottleneck in your application, if it is not designed well it can slow the application right down. We will review all your database objects to check for weaknesses, as well as common mistakes that developers make.We focus on performance issues, removing data duplication and ensuring data integrity.

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Performance Review

If you're finding that your software is reaching its limits of capacity, SSW can provide a performance review of your application to target specific areas for improvements. You specify the number of simultaneous users and set performance goals, for example <2 second average response time.We will then analyze your database query design, system architecture and code structure to provide you with a set of recommendations and specifications.

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Security Review

Whether it's because of industry requirement, or your peace of mind, SSW can provide a third-party review of your application to target specific issues for improvements. We look at:
    Running penetration tests with SSL labs to check how exposed your servers are.
    Passwords in .config and code
    Authentication an Authorization
    Cross site scripting and SQL injection
    Encryption of passwords and sensitive data.
    Audit trails and logging

It was a pleasure to have you in the office again.

I continue to be impressed by the quality of work and advice you provide.

Mark Pigram
Contracts Online

We have dealt with several people at SSW from a network tech helping us with a domain issue, to a couple of graphic designers and several programmers and they have ALL been first rate.

Peter Dimaridis

... out of all the developers I have used in the past [SSW] provide the most complete solutions and best outcomes.

Thanks for your attention to detail once again.

Peter McCurdy

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Why should you choose SSW?

SSW's Consulting Services have delivered best of breed Microsoft solutions for more than 1,000 clients in 15 countries. With 40+ consultants in five countries, SSW's developers are some of the best in the business. We have many Microsoft Certifications, three MVPs, and a Microsoft Regional Director.

Companies we have worked with

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SSW Clients
SSW Clients

Other Technologies

Azure DevOps (formerly Visual Studio Team Services) is a hosted service providing development and collaboration tools. With a free tier to get started, it has a lot of inbuilt functionality that allows teams to get up and running with managing their project and automating their workflows to increase productivity with a very short initial learning curve. Read more

SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with the Microsoft Office suite. It aims to improve the content management of companies by storing every version of documents and records in a centralized system. SharePoint allows the user to enforce information management policies, and improve efficiency by automating common business processes. Read more.

Microsoft Teams is the premier phone and chat system from Microsoft. It features instant messaging, voice over IP and video conferencing inside the Teams client software.

Jira is an issue and project tracking application developed by Atlassian. It promotes bug tracking and agile project management in software development. Jira has many useful features such as Scrum Boards, Kanban boards, and Agile reporting. It creates customizable workflows that map to any style of work.

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