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The benefits of Kubernetes containers

A container bundles everything your application needs to run, including the code, runtime, system tools and system libraries. It makes it possible to deploy an application just about anywhere without any requirements about what exists on the destination computer where the application will be running!
Once your application has been built to run in a container, it can be easily hosted with any provider that supports containers, including Kubernetes and Azure Web Apps.

Multi-Cloud Platforms

Build once, run it anywhere! A major benefit is its portability. It enables you to easily and reliably run applications on different environments. This reduces vendor lock-in with a specific cloud provider, giving you the ability to migrate easily if the need arises.

Rapid Startup

A spike in incoming traffic? No problem! New containers will start up rapidly because they are running the application, and not booting a whole operating system. Containers can also start up on different nodes of your cluster, allowing your service to naturally balance load across all available nodes.

Reduced running costs

Containers run more efficiently by packing applications in tighter, reducing overheads and making better use of your existing resources. It allows companies to save on everything from server costs to the employees needed to maintain them. Fewer resources, more automation!


Images contain all the dependencies required to run an application. As such, Development, Staging and Production all run identical environments. This provides huge benefits in identifying and resolving issues quickly and you will never hear "It works on my machine" again.

Operational Simplicity

Containers are designed from the ground up be built and deployed automatically. Since containers package up all their dependencies, you no longer need to ensure that the correct libraries are installed on each environment. That makes it is a breeze to migrate between environments. Your servers should be cattle, not pets.

Isolation and Security

It ensures your applications and resources are isolated and segregated. Docker, for example, makes sure each container has its own resources that are isolated from other containers, granting you complete control over traffic flow and management.

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Kubernetes is the de-facto standard container orchestrator. Originally from Google and now maintained by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), Kubernetes is supported by most cloud providers. Kubernetes provides great benefits such as high availability, auto-scaling, self-healing, service discovery, load-balancing, automated blue-green deployments, and more.

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