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Why do you need Windows Desktop Applications

Windows is a powerful platform for creating rich media and line-of-business applications. Internal applications with rich data and interactivity have been at the core of the modern business for many years. SSW has been creating desktop applications on the Windows platforms for over 15 years and has a wealth of experience to draw on. Since then, we have been focusing on the 2 main technologies of Windows 10 desktop applications, which are Windows 10 store applications, and the more traditional WPF for classically styled applications.

High efficiency

Windows desktop applications can interact with server-end software, where they are known as thick clients. The resources required for such lightweight applications will be very low. But they will still be fully functional and powerful to use.

Highly flexible user interfaces

With the help from .NET MAUI the user interface designs of Windows desktop application can be very flexible. It can provide your clients with high-quality user experiences.

High integration level

Unlike some web applications, Windows desktop applications could be integrated with local backend systems and databases. It will greatly increase the mobility and flexibility of such applications.

Broadened use-cases across devices

Thanks to the Desktop Bridge infrastructure built inside Windows, existing codes of Windows desktop applications can be migrated to Universal Windows Platform gradually and finally reach all kinds of Windows devices.

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SSW's Consulting Services have delivered best of breed Microsoft solutions for more than 1,000 clients in 15 countries. With 40+ consultants in five countries, SSW's developers are some of the best in the business. We have many Microsoft Certifications, three MVPs, and a Microsoft Regional Director.

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Windows Presentation Foundation is a UI framework subsystem of Visual Studio designed by Microsoft. It provides an unified programming model for developers to build desktop applications on Windows free from business logic (domain logic).

.NET Framework

A managed execution environment for Windows that provides a variety of services to its running applications. The .NET Framework contains a huge class library called Framework Class Library(FCL) that empowers language interoperability across many popular programming languages.

Microsoft Azure

Azure provides an on-demand infrastructure that scales and adapts to your changing business needs. Whether you are creating new applications or running existing applications, we provide the best price-performance and end-to-end support. Read more

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is Microsoft's enterprise-level database platform. Being used as the backend database for the majority of Microsoft based IT solutions, it has numerous features to ensure high availability, scalability, data integrity and performance. Read more

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